A client after two marriages, worried about the transmission of his patrimony.

This client has a large family with older children from two different marriages. He wanted to organize their succession to ensure everyone’s future, preserve the harmony of the family and prevent any conflict between them in the future.

We first advised him to consolidate his estate under a management trust for several reasons:

Protection: since the funds transferred to the trust are unseizable.
Control: the funds are managed by a regulated trustee who is accountable, audited by a suitable external party, to the client.
Peace of mind: the client’s wishes regarding the transfer of his assets are set out in the trust agreement in order to avoid a cumbersome and costly succession process at the tax level.

Second, we act at the level of governance, to ensure the good management of the estate. To this end, we organize several meetings with family members to facilitate communication and assist them in establishing rules and decision-making procedures among themselves.


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