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Your Family Office

If you want to be more efficient in the management of your assets, simplify their daily management, and protect them to be passed on to future generations, you need a Family Office.

A Family Office works as your private firm: through customized solutions, it provides the tools and experts to accompany you in the management of your assets.

In K&B Family Office, our clients find a strategic ally for the care of their assets. We help them to increase their returns using strategies focused on their short, medium, and long-term objectives.

Maxime Berthet Founding Patner K&B Family Office

“When it comes to our wealth management, we all want the same thing, to have the best experts to guarantee a wealth management aligned with the values and needs of our family.”

Maxime Berthet

Founding Patner


Having all wealth management professionals sitting at the same table, as is the case with our Multi-Family Office, will allow you to achieve your goals more efficiently. We help our clients to put their wealth to work for them and focus on enjoying it by providing comprehensive wealth management services to individuals and families.

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