Accounting, Tax and Financial Services

We provide the support, objectivity, and experience that your structure needs to succeed in a constantly changing market.

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We strengthen each dimension of your structure

Over the last decade, entrepreneurs, individuals, and families of all sizes have faced increasing challenges with tax regulations, accounting, and reporting of their assets. Meeting these administrative burdens is our mission. K&B Corporate Services is designed to provide the support, objectivity, and expertise that your company needs to succeed in a constantly changing market.

K&B Corporate Services is part of K&B Family Office, an independent business conglomerate that offers specialized services in various branches of wealth management for both local and international clients.

Accounting, Tax and Financial Services

Our experience, gained over decades as entrepreneurs, business owners, and industry innovators, allows us to provide knowledge and services to help strengthen every dimension of your company and/or wealth structure.

Accounting Services

K&B’s accredited and professional certified public accountants (CPAs) have a deep knowledge and understanding of all financial accounting standards required by our profession.

We offer a range of accounting services, including:

  • Preparation of audited, reviewed, compiled and combined financial statements.
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial reporting.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping review.
  • Bank and accounting account reconciliations.
  • Fixed asset management.
  • Financial audit.

Tax Services

Tax issues can be complex and time-consuming, especially if you operate in multiple countries or tax jurisdictions. Regardless of size or industry, K&B’s team provides tailored advice and guidance to anticipate and comply with tax regulations. Knowledge, experience, and strategy are key: K&B is your comprehensive solution.

  • Preparation and filing of income tax returns for individuals and legal entities.
  • Preparation and filing of the ITBMS form.
  • Preparation and filing of the purchase report form.
  • Preparation and filing of the Salary Worksheet 03.
  • Preparation and filing of Remittance Taxes.
  • Preparation and filing of Dividend Taxes.
  • Preparation and filing of Property Tax.
  • Preparation of the annual income statement before the Municipality of Panama.

Financial Services

K&B Corporate Services focuses on your overall financial well-being. Our goal is to go beyond tax and accounting preparation to become your planner, advisor, problem-solver, and repository of intellectual capital. With a clearly defined roadmap strategy, we provide control by periodically sending reports with all the information about your financial affairs.

Our services include:

  • Custody service for corporate documents
  • Customized financial reports
  • Registration with the Social Security Fund
  • Submission of the SIPE form
  • Opening of national and international bank accounts
  • Local and international account transfers
  • Payment to suppliers
  • Invoice payment services.

Committed to Excellence

As part of the K&B Corporate Services team, each of our professionals is committed to excellence in customer service. We are driven by a set of core values to ensure a positive customer experience. Our team undergoes rigorous and continuous training, preparing them to tackle even the toughest challenges.

National and International Clients

Large corporations

High net worth individuals

Family business owners

Business operators

«If your goal is to simplify, grow, and strengthen your businesses with clear insights on accounting, auditing, tax preparation, and regulatory matters, you need an ally.»

Benito Quiroz

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