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We organize and protect the assets that make up your estate, using legal tools such as trusts and private interest foundations.

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We ensure that your legacy endures over time.

One of the main pillars of wealth management is to organize and protect the assets that make up the estate, using legal tools such as trusts and private interest foundations. It is precisely for this purpose that K&B Family Office has its own fiduciary company, K&B Trust Services, duly regulated and authorized to create and administer this type of structure for clients of the group.

K&B Trust Services is part of K&B Family Office, an independent business conglomerate that offers specialized services in the different branches of wealth management, for both local and international clients.

What are trusts?

In short, a trust is a contract by which a natural or legal person, called the settlor, transfers part or all of their assets to a trustee to manage it in accordance with the terms of the contract and for the benefit of one or more designated natural or legal persons.

What are trusts used for?

Although it may seem complicated, trusts are a very convenient, versatile, and flexible legal instrument that we use with our Family Office clients to fulfill multiple purposes such as:

  • Protecting family assets.
  • Planning for succession.
  • Administering assets left in inheritance for the benefit of designated heirs.
  • Meeting special needs such as securing funds for disabled individuals, minors, and young adults in educational stages.
  • Facilitating purchase and sale transactions and ensuring payment of present or future obligations.
  • Ensuring the fiduciary holding of assets of any kind.
  • Administering assets for the intended purpose and carrying out specific business activities.

Trusts and Fiduciary Services

We offer personalized fiduciary solutions with the structuring and administration of different types of trusts according to the objectives that our clients want to achieve.

Jurisdictions in which we offer trust services

«Preserving and protecting the interests of the family is part of our nature and instinct.»


We help you protect, manage, and transfer your wealth.

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