Growing together to reach your goals.

A multi-family office serves the financial needs of several families and goes beyond typical wealth management.

What is a Family Office?

Family Offices are private wealth management firms. Their origin dates back to the industrial revolution when successful families like the Rockefellers and J.P. Morgans founded companies dedicated exclusively to the management of their family wealth. This management model stands out for its efficiency and optimization of resources, which is why it has been adopted by the most successful families internationally.

K&B was founded by the Kisvel and Berthet family to manage their family wealth. Thanks to the learning and experience gained during the years of management, K&B evolved from a Single Family Office (for one family) to a Multi-Family Office.  Today K&B manages the wealth of several successful families in Latin America with the same objectives: to protect, develop and enjoy our wealth.

“K&B Family Office acts as the decision and coordination center to offer tailored solutions to the families who entrust us with the management of their wealth”.

Maxime Berhet
Founding Patner

Why do I need a Family Office?

Main benefits of working with a Family Office:


Managing your financial, legal, tax, accounting and fiduciary matters in a single office allows you to reduce complexity and operating costs.


Coordinating the various asset management services around a common strategy allows you to gain control and efficiency.


Working with a private firm that handles your estate ensures the confidentiality of your information and the safety of your family.


Because every family is different, a Family Office adapts solutions to your unique needs, concerns and desires. 


A family office can help establish rules and procedures that help maintain good estate management among the parties involved.


Delegating part or all of the daily management of your assets to a team of trusted experts allows you to gain time and peace of mind.

Sometimes families experience internal changes such as the sale of a business, the acquisition of new assets, and the transmission from one generation to another, which require trusted advisors to face the new reality with tailored solutions.

 The constant evolution of tax and accounting rules, the new banking and financial regulations, the normative evolution of the different jurisdictions and their structures, etc, make wealth management a challenge, where speed and adaptability are key.

That is why many successful families around the world entrust the management of their wealth to a Family Office, a comprehensive wealth management solution where a group of multi-disciplinary professionals works in a coordinated manner to accompany the family in its decisions in a proactive manner and with a long-term strategy.

How to choose your family office?

Today, working with a Family Office is the best way to transmit your wealth to future generations and the most efficient solution for its management. When choosing a Family Office, each family has its own requirements.  However, in our experience, four main criteria should be considered:

Geographical, linguistic and cultural proximity is important for efficient communication. Having quick access to your advisors and being in tune with them can make all the difference. Despite living in a digitalized society, the human factor is paramount and nothing replaces direct contact with your advisor.

A Family Office, as your trusted advisor, must be accountable for its management on a regular basis with objective and transparent reporting.

Likewise, it must transmit to you in a clear and concise manner what the expenses and costs associated with the management of the estate are.

An independent family office, which is not part of a banking group, can work impartially, without external influence, thus avoiding conflicts of interest.

The wealth of a successful family is diverse and its management is complex. A family office is really useful and effective if it can offer a range of wealth management services with experts in house. This holistic approach is a family office’s greatest strength.