K&B Family Office

We provide comprehensive wealth management services to successful families and individuals since 2007.

Our History

K&B Family Office is a private and independent company established in Panama that provides comprehensive wealth management services to international families and individuals.

The history of the K&B family began in the 1970s when the founder of the group, Gerard Kisvel, began his career at the Rothschild Bank in France. Later, the family created their own investment advisory business and over time developed various wealth management services to respond to the family’s own needs.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained during years of management, K&B evolved from being a Single Family Office (for one family) to a Multi Family Office, responding to the needs of its clients.

Our People

At K&B Family Office, we share a common vision of serving our clients that involves commitment and availability. All advisors, according to their area of expertise, work together in a coordinated manner, sometimes with external advisors, according to a global strategy defined in close collaboration with the clients.

The work we do with families allows us to continuously acquire knowledge and experiences that enrich the process of wealth management advisory and benefits everyone involved.

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Our Values


At K&B Family Office we act ethically and truthfully.


We work independently to always advise our clients based on their interests.


We are accountable for our management in an objective manner.


We are proactive and visionary in our advice.

«In K&B, we work together with our clients in a transparent manner. Our greatest interest is the success of the goals of each family that trusts us.».

Maxime Berthet Founding Patner K&B Family Office

Maxime Berthet

Founding Partner

We help you make your assets work for you, so you can benefit from them.

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