Maxime Berthet Founding Patner K&B Family Office

Maxime Berhet

Founding Partner

Maxime began his career in 2004 as a financial advisor in Panama. In 2007, together with his partners he created the investment advisory company K&B Financial Group where he served as Executive Director, while developing his clientele. Since then, he has been responsible for the development of the K&B group.

Understanding the needs of clients and the evolution of the financial industry, Maxime promoted the creation of the new group companies that in the future were to form K&B Family Office:

  • K&B Corporate Services
  • K&B Trust Services
  • Asset Portfolio Management Company (APMC)
  • K&B Real Estate.

He currently holds the position of Executive Director of K&B Family Office Group.

Previously, he lived in the United States for 15 years and worked in several renowned companies such as Reynolds Aluminum, Merrill Lynch and Sea Star Line, holding positions as manager and financial supervisor.

Maxime holds an MBA in Finance from the University of North Florida. In addition, he obtained the Broker and Analyst license, as well as the Chief Executive license, granted by the Superintendence of the Stock Market of Panama.

He speaks French, English and Spanish.


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