A group of enterprising partners, with a common stock exchange patrimony of more than $25M.

A group of entrepreneurial partners wanted to centralize the management of their business capital around a common strategy and management. Together with them, we structured a private investment fund (smart fund type) where each member of the group became a shareholder with a participation proportional to their contribution.

This type of structure has several advantages:

As a regulated investment fund, it benefits from institutional banking fees that can represent savings of up to 50% compared to standard fees, which significantly reduces fixed management costs.
It has a regulated and independent administrator (external to K&B) responsible for the administration, accounting and auditing of the fund to provide peace of mind and transparency to each of the investors.
The fund enjoys a management strategy developed jointly by the shareholders and K&B acting as Fund Manager.
Private investment funds benefit from tax advantages.

Other customer cases:

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