Wills and Inheritance

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Making your will is the best decision for you and your loved ones

Throughout our life, we work hard to accumulate assets, build wealth and improve our economic situation. It can take us years of effort and dedication, and it is of utmost importance to consider legacy or wills to anticipate the inheritance of our successors.

What occurs if I die without a will?

The answer is simple. If you aren’t prepared and don’t have a will, your assets and patrimony will be subject to a judicial process for inheritance in Panama, called probate, that can last several years.

Process your will in 3 steps

Step 1

Complete the form with the required information. You will be able to modify this information later with the help of our lawyer.

Paso 2

We draw up your will. Our lawyer will contact you and draw up the will with the legal requirements.

Paso 3

Signature in the presence of the Notary. We will reserve an appointment for the signing of the will at the Notary closest to your residence.

Benefits of processing your will.

«Our lawyers offer comprehensive legal services and are trained to accompany our clients in all their matters.»


Consult us and process your will in Panama.

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