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K&B Legal Services is a boutique law firm established in Panama that provides legal advice to national and international clients.

Our lawyers offer comprehensive legal services and are trained to guide clients through all their legal matters, ensuring compliance with the ever-changing legal, fiscal, and economic framework.

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Panama Friendly Nations Visa

For people with Professional and Economic relations in Panama.

  • Economic Relations

    This can happen when you are hired to work in a Panamanian company.

  • Inversión en Panamá

    The applicant must demonstrate that has made an investment in the Republic of Panama of at least US$200,000.00 in real estate or through a fixed term deposit for the same amount, for a minimum period of 3 years.

All the documentation required by Immigration must be presented to verify that the applicant is suitable to apply for this residence.

Panama Investor Residency

The best option for foreign investors

  • Minimum investment in Panama of US$300,000.00 which may be through the following three options:
    • Fixed Term Deposit: Deposit of at least $300,000 for a minimum term of 3 years in a local Bank in Panama.
    • Real Estate Investment: Purchase a piece of Panamanian real estate worth at least $300,000 without a mortgage
    • Inversión Mixta: The combination of a fixed-term deposit and the purchase of a property.
  • To include dependents, you must add US$2,000.00 for each one.
  • The property must be registered in the applicant’s name (without mortgage).
  • There is also the possibility of registering the property in the name of a Private Interest Foundation, as long as it is proven that the applicant is the founder.

Panama Qualified Investor Visa

Executive Decree No. 722 of October 15th, 2020, establishes the creation of the new migratory subcategory called Permanent Residency for Qualified Investor. It permits to obtain Permanent Residence in Panama within a maximum of thirty (30) days. 

This new subcategory, whose principal requirement is to invest US$500,000.00 in the Republic of Panama, seeks to encourage foreign investment in the country while offering unique advantages for foreigners wishing to apply for residence.

«Our lawyers offer comprehensive legal services and are trained to accompany our clients in all their processes.»


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