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From the first meeting with the client, it was very clear what was wanted. There was a detailed pre-work of branding and their new image so they had a defined concept of the direction they wanted for their new offices. The main idea was to transmit the company’s DNA, which, in itself, is The Family, as its credo states: “it is a family office that goes beyond typical asset management”.

This project can be divided into three main areas: customer service, core work and the offices of the directors. Each one of these areas was developed in a particular way and were designed from the typical elements of decoration: floors, walls and ceilings, to the furniture of the offices. Two key ideas in the conception of the design were: to transmit by means of the architecture a feeling of welcome: “to feel embraced” from the arrival to the place; and to achieve through the elements of design a deconstruction of the tree symbol of the company, shaping it in a plastic and geometric representation. From here the wooden branches on the glass facades and the sky designed with undulating slats to represent the foliage.

Part of the challenges of this project was to change the cold approach of the original premises for dynamic and fluid transitions both spatially and in decoration. Thus, the carpet, the sky, the furniture and the lighting subtly take you through the spaces. Materials were chosen that reflected honesty and solidity: stone, wood, concrete and steel, which due to their perishable characteristics give that sensation and, in an organic way, these gave us the color palette of the project. Wood for the branches and slats, a natural steel background on which the company logo was mounted, tropical wallpaper designs that give it color and a fun twist, various types of marble for floors and walls and a hexagonal carpet that we designed in a “degrade” of gray tones are part of the collage of shapes and textures that enriched this project.



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