How can a trust help me?

A trust is a legal tool used to protect our heritage and/or transfer it to the following generations. It allows the transfer of assets of any nature; such as movable property (stocks, money) or immovable property (real estate); either in the present or in the future. 

The patrimony transferred to the trust for administration is completely separate from the patrimony of the trust entity, which is duly regulated by the Superintendence of Banks of Panama.

Protect your heritage with a trust

Benefits of a Trust


Any legitimate purpose, commercial or personal, can support a trust constitution, and assets of any nature, real or personal, present or future, can be transferred to it.


Moving part or all of your assets into a trust makes the transferred assets unseizable.


The trustee ensures the trust administration. He is responsible for asset management and is accountable to the settlor, the beneficiaries, and its regulatory entity, the Superintendence of Banks of Panama. K&B Trust Services can act as a trustee for its clients.


A Family Office (or your trusted advisor) must provide regular transparent reporting that includes expenses and costs associated with asset management.


Working with a private firm to manage your wealth guarantees you the confidentiality of the information and the security of your family.

“Preserving and protecting the interests of the family is part of our nature.”

Jorge Ávila

Head of Fiduciary & Compliance, Partner

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