Invest with a professional team

K&B Financial Group is the regulated investment advisor of K&B Family Office.
We allow families and individuals to meet their goals by helping them to navigate the investment world, focusing on security and transparency.

Your Offshore Investment Account

We offer access to a broad network of international private banks in jurisdictions like the United States or Switzerland, and our clients benefit from discounted fee schedules.

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More than a traditional investment portfolio

K&B Financial Group goes beyond a traditional bond and equity investment portfolio, offering expertise and access to exclusive investment opportunities usually reserved to large investors such as: venture capital, pre-IPO stocks, private debt, worldwide real estate investments, and cryptocurrencies… 

Our solutions generate predictable and superior returns comparing to traditional assets, such as bonds or time deposits, while maintaining the same level of risk.

Philosophy against conflicts of interest

We invest in the products we offer to clients.
We don't receive any commissions from banking institutions.
We work for you, not for the bank.

We help you make your assets work for you so you can benefit from them.

“Providing wealth management solutions for successful families and individuals since 2007.”

Romain Dromard

Chief Investment Officer &
Managing Partner

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