Vidal Arias

Vidal Arias

Client Relationship Manager

Vidal is a Relationship Manager and Consultant with a proven track record of “delivering Alpha” for his clients. He began his career working as a financial analyst for a major U.S. bank; after half a decade and several positions, he made the transition as an investment advisor for the European Hedge Fund. It was in this latter role that he became a full-time trader and later Portfolio Manager for the firm.

Throughout his career, Vidal has become known for developing complex option trading strategies with a tactical and quantitative advantage. Rather than using traditional technical analysis models, his approach has been more “tactical to trade and invest”, allowing him to get results even in times of market crisis.

Vidal earned a B.A. in Business and Management from the University of Costa Rica and later an A.S. in Econometrics and Financial Mathematics from Yale University.

He is a native speaker of English and Spanish.