K&B Financial Group
We work to bring you stellar returns.


K&B Financial Group is an independent investment advisory firm based in and regulated by Panama. We provide financial advisory and investment solutions to private, institutional, foundation, fiduciary and corporate clients worldwide with a focus on Latin America. 

K&B Financial Group is part of K&B Family Office, an independent business conglomerate that offers specialized services in the different branches of wealth management for both local and international clients.


“In terms of overall portfolio performance, identifying winners is very important, but avoiding losers can be even more.”

Tailor-made investment management.

Working with K&B Financial Group means benefiting from the advice of our team of experts who have the knowledge to help you achieve what matters most: a solid investment portfolio tailored to your specific needs.

Our goal is to help you prosper by securing the future for generations to come. We have more than 25 years of experience looking out for our clients’ best interests. At K&B Financial Group, we only consider investment opportunities that we choose for ourselves.


We help you make your assets work so you can enjoy them.

What makes us different?

Un equipo internacional que le brindará asesoramiento confidencial, independiente y estratégico siempre que lo necesite, con un retorno estelar. A lo largo de los años, hemos construido nuestra metodología de inversión sobre la base de los pilares clave a continuación. Esos principios financieros representan nuestra principal competencia y nos permiten invertir con solidez  y eficiencia:



Our independent network is our strength. We work with an open structure and without bank affiliations to avoid any conflict of interest and allows us to look for the best solution, the best people, the best result.



To mitigate risk, preserve the value of your portfolio and grow it over the long term, you and your K&B financial advisor can rely on proven asset allocation strategies. By choosing the right mix of assets, you invest more objectively.



To make smart investment decisions in a complex and constantly changing environment, advanced technical analysis is the best weapon. Advanced tools from top-tier institutional providers enable us to make smart, educated moves.



Clear, concise reports that compile all your financial details in one place. Knowing how your wealth is structured in a timely manner is crucial to positive performance.



Creating and preserving wealth is a challenge. Fundamental approach with thorough research is key to a successful strategy. Demonstrates outperformance versus benchmarks over time.



One of our strengths is the constant search for new investment opportunities. Alternative investments are an integral part of our strategies and play a critical role in the Alpha performance of the portfolio.

K&B Financial Group Inc.

We inform you that the Superintendency of the Securities Market of Panama has jurisdiction over the protection of our clients according to Agreement No. 05-2003. protection of our clients according to Agreement No. 05-2003.
These rates are updated, applicable to the year 2021 and do not include the Tax on the Transfer of Personal Property and Services Transfer of Movable Property and the Provision of Services (ITBMS) of 7%. K&B Financial Group Inc. is an entity regulated and supervised by the Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores de Panama. Securities Market of Panama. It obtained its Investment Advisor License through Resolution CNV 110-08 of April 29, 2008. of April 29, 2008. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)